I am a Medical illustrator who has received extensive training and education earning a Master’s of Medical Science in Medical Illustration from Augusta University’s graduate program. This has provided me with the necessary skills to create impactful, accurate, and clear visuals for the health sciences.

I love researching, developing concept ideas, and refining my work into professional, accurate, final products. In the past I have worked with plastic surgeons, cancer specialists and anatomists to create never before seen visuals and illustrations.

My process always begins with concept sketches. This allows experimentation while honing in on a visual solution. At this stage, clients are asked to give feedback on the direction of the project.

Next, a detailed sketch and a layout design is made. All the elements that the final illustration will entail are demonstrated. Here, clients can make any changes or corrections before the final render.

The final work is created with precision and accuracy, incorporating content, research, and client direction. My products are delivered ready for print, interaction or web-publication.


Illustration Process

Artist Statement

• Master’s of Medical Science in Medical Illustration (MS MI), Augusta University 2015-2017

• Bachelor of Fine Art: Emphasis in Scientific Illustration, University of Georgia 2011-2015


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Recent Projects and Exhibits

Digital and Health Sciences at Augusta University (2017-present)

   -  Digital and print marketing materials for research consulting  - Department logo design

The State of Georgia E-Cigarette Prevention Grant (2016-present)

   -  E-Cigarette Public Health Prevention and Education website for Jr. High School student education (research date: August 2017)

Augusta University’s Cancer Center (2016)

   - Cover design/illustration for e-cigarette cessation brochure, approved by CDC tobacco experts and produced for print

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical College of Georgia (2016)

   - Series of radical plastic reconstruction surgeries presented at the Annual Society of Plastic Surgeon’s Conference to be published in the Journal of Trauma

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Sketch Final  About